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Hotline "Military Families Social and Psychological Support Service"
A hotline for servicemen and their relatives, where you can get free psychological support, consultations on various social issues and support on the way to solving them.

Contacts: 0 800 332 720 (in Ukraine), +48226022512 (from Poland).
Telegram: @pidtrymkainua
+380 67 130 32 73
We are open every day from 10:00 to 20:00. All calls are free.
Support groups for wives and mothers
Support groups for wives, mothers and other family members of military personnel. The meetings are led by psychologists who have vast experience in conducting support groups. These events are held in partnership with NGO "Public Movement "Women's Power of Ukraine" and NGO "Institute of Health Psychology".
You can join the support groups by filling out the form using the link on the main page, or by calling 0 800 332 720, or via Telegram @pidtrymkainua +380 67 130 32 73
Psychological support groups for families who lost contact with their relatives servicemen
Psychological support groups for families who lost contact with their relatives servicemen. Mutual support among those who find themselves in similar difficult circumstances is very important as shown by the international practice of helping families of military personnel. Such communication gives an opportunity to express one's feelings, and in return to be understood and feel mutual support. This promotes the exchange of experiences and helps people to find strength to cope with the issues and keep going.

The events are held in partnership with the NGO "Public Movement for Empowering Women of Ukraine" and the NGO "Institute of Health Psychology".
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We’re available every day 10.00-20.00
Calls in Ukraine: 0800332720
Calls in Poland: +48226022512
All calls are free*
*in order to improve the consideration of appeals from individuals to the Telephone Line of the Psychosocial Support Service for military personnel and their family members and to study their problematic issues, calls may be recorded
Support groups
Psychosocial support service for families of military personnel
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