Support groups for children of military personnel
there support groups are made for children of military personnel aged 9-13 and for teenagers aged 13-15 as well
Fill out the questionnaire following the link with the help of parents, relatives, or guardians
Support groups for children of military personnel
These are 10 meetings (once a week) conducted by psychologists separately for children aged 9-13 and for teenagers aged 13-15. Participation is free.
The meetings are aimed at stabilizing the psychological state, strengthening self-esteem, developing self-awareness, mastering communication skills, teaching self-regulation techniques, and a feeling of peer support.

This is how you can help children cope with feelings of anxiety and emotional stress when one of their parents is at war.

Groups take place both offline (in Kyiv) and online. The events are held in cooperation with the NGO «Institute of Health Psychology». To participate, just fill out the form:

From May to October 2023, support groups are held within the framework of the Stiykist’ Programme - the project funded by the European Union and implemented by Equal Rights and Independent Media (ERIM) in partnership with the Black Sea Trust for Regional Cooperation, the East Europe Foundation, Human Rights House Foundation, and Human Rights House Tbilisi. The project is aimed to strengthen civil society organizations (CSOs) and individual activists affected by the war in Ukraine, including independent media and human rights defenders.
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Національний Центр психологічної підтримки у скорботі
Центр надає психологічну допомогу людям у скорботі та пропонує фахівцям навчальні програми
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We’re available every day 10.00-20.00
Calls in Ukraine: 0800332720
Calls in Poland: +48226022512
All calls are free*
*in order to improve the consideration of appeals from individuals to the Telephone Line of the Psychosocial Support Service for military personnel and their family members and to study their problematic issues, calls may be recorded
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